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To Test or Not to Test?

To Test or Not to Test?

Could the National Security Agency (NSA) have determined through Psychological Testing that Edward Snowden would have been predisposed to steal government sedward_snowden-2ecrets and commit treason against America?

My mentor, Dr. David Saunders, who helped develop the 16PF, MBTI also helped to develop the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale – Personality Assessment System WAIS -PAS while working with the CIA in the 1960s. He was intrigued by the idea that they could apply the outcomes to the determination of how people would commit treasonous acts such as that committed by Snowden. Personality tests can and should be used to help prevent and understand these types of situations. I think Snowden is an INTZ who believes that his act was not treasonous, but highly morale. What do you think his type is?

To Test or Not to Test? I am often asked “can the Golden be used to help employers hire employees?”

Personality tests have two general applications or uses. The first application is for hiring, selection and promotion. The second is for development and training. The Golden Personality Type Profiler is a personality assessment that is almost exclusively applied in training and development settings, and occasionally used in promotion settings.

Typically, assessments used in selection and hiring settings are validated for these specific purposes and should be accompanied by position analyses for the jobs targeted. The rigorous validation process includes the establishment of specific norms created from the samples and the determination that the targeted traits are determinants of job success.

So, why weren’t these steps taken so that the Golden could be used to help employers fill job openings? I think that if it was used for hiring, it would jeopardize the far more powerful impact that it has as a tool for helping people and teams grow and develop. I am protecting the brand by discouraging its use as a selection tool.

Most personality tests used for selection are also based on the Five Factor model: the Golden part shares this structural base. The results of selection tools are rarely given back to candidates, if they were, no one would want to take them. The results are based on finding out what is wrong and bad with the candidate, not what is right and good as is the case with the Golden Feedback report. While I don’t support the use of the Golden in selection settings, I do support the use of the theory and knowledge of the concepts upon that which it is built as tools to inform and shape the hiring process. Using the Golden this way can lead to better hiring decisions for both the employer and employees.