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The Golden Measures Personal Intelligence (PI)

The Golden Measures Personal Intelligence (PI)

In 2014 John D. Mayer, Ph.D., writing in Psychology Today, concluded that before 1995, personality psychology appeared uncertain and disorganized, and many thought that personality had a minimal influence on our lives. After 2007, the discipline became more integrated and the power of screen-shot-2017-02-27-at-9-47-50-ampersonality became more widely appreciated than before.”

Mayer proposed a new theory of personal intelligence proposing that people use their abilities to problem solve in four areas:

  • To identify clues to personality
  • To use those clues to form (sometimes) accurate models of people (both of oneself and others)
  • To use information about personality to guide oneself and others
  • To systematize one’s plans and goals

Mayer, concluded that “no coherent tests existed to measure that reasoning and that —such an assessment still did note exist to measure his theory.  I love the term Personal Intelligence, it is more effective a lable than Emotional Intelligence.  As for Mayer’s proposed abilities, I think the Golden is perfectly designed to measure and execute them.  What do you think?