Do Introverts make better CEOs?

Washington Post journalist, Jena McGregor, discusses a recent HBR article that describes characteristics of effective CEOs.  Traits including, introverted (very broad swath of behaviors), reaching out to stake holders, being adaptable/spontaneous, acting decisively, and being reliable/predictable.  These are all traits tapped into by the Golden.

My guess is in particular good leaders self-report: E – Talkative and Participative & I – Reflective, Z – Reliable & A – Spontaneous.   Note that balance in these traits and likely other is evident.  Not only descriptive of good leadership, but of good human being in general.

I think that good leadership may also be driven by what is not present as much as what is present.  That is the lack of extreme and unbalanced traits.

What have you found in your practice?

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