New Golden Personality Profiler v5.1

New Golden Personality Profiler v5.1

A New Brand

The Golden Personality Profiler is the newest version of the Golden and is available only on’s online assessment platform. The new name reflects a return to the original name of the assessment Personality Profiler and the addition of the Golden brand…Golden Personality Profiler.

Golden Available on

GoldenLLC administers the newest version of the Golden on its own online assessment platform at

With successful completion of the Online Golden Certification course you will be qualified to purchase and administer the Golden Personality Type Profiler from Pearson Talent Assessment on their platform  You will now also be able to purchase and administer the Golden Personality Profiler directly from  In fact, once you pass the course your online administration account can be accessed through your Zone B membership account and have access to other assessments.

Updated GPP v5.1 survey

The Golden v5.1, includes fifteen (15) new questions, representing thirty-four (34) items, historically never scored in v4.0. Seven (7) of the new questions, covering 11 new items, were included to create the Tense Calm’s new Unsettled/Resilient Facet Scale. Eight (6) of the new questions, covering eleven (11) new items, were included to create the Tense Calm’s new Unconstrained/Regulated Facet Scale. Additionally, seven (7) questions, covering eleven (11) new items were revised to improve the reliability and validity outcomes of four original Facet Scales, including the Outgoing/Intimate, Conservative/Trendsetting, Competitive//Nurturing and Concerned/Optimistic Facet Scales. Based on an analysis of findings these four Facet Scales and their item level content primarily made up from Section 2 items, were strategically selected for revision. The outcome of these revisions are two new and important Tense/Calm Facet Scales, an improvement to four (4) original Facet Scales, and the improvement of the statistical robustness of the Golden assessment.

New Tense Calm Facet Scales

The new Unsettled/Resilient and Unconstrained/Regulated Facet Scale are important Tense Calm Facet scales added to the Golden Personality Profiler in 2016/2017. From its inception in the early 1990s, when only two clear Facet Scales emerged from the original item pool to form the Tense Calm scale, it was always our intent to add more Tense Calm facets to make the construct more robust and useful.Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 10.20.36 AM

Unsettled & Resilient

The foundation of the Unsettled/Resilient scale is found in the psychological concepts originally described by Cattel, Saunders and Stice (1957) as measured by the Sixteen Personality Factor assessment’s (16PF) Scale C: Emotional Stability as also described by Sigmund Freud’s conception of ”Ego Strength” which describes a person’s ability to maintain their sense of self identity in the face of distress, conflict and discomfort.

Unsettled people have unknown, unclear and shifting values and beliefs. They shift goals and priorities when faced with adversity. A self-focus and fear of failure leads to setting unrealistic expectations and goals. Defensiveness and argumentativeness lead to denial and blame which result in seeing only what is happening presently and failing to learn and grow.

Resilient people are described as knowing what behavioral and life values are most important. Being goal focused they recognize the importance of setting aside personal goals for those of others or the group. Seeking win-win outcomes and learning to grow they develop themselves and the other people around them.

Unconstrained & Regulated

Unsettled/Resilient and Unconstrained/Regulated Facet Scale can be traced to the psychological concepts as defined by Cattel, Saunders and Stice’s 16PF, Scale G: Rule Consciousness, and Sigmund Freud’s conception of “Super Ego” which describes a person’s ability to consciously incorporate societal norms and morals into the actions and choices when stressed.

Unconstrained people are unaware and/or unconcerned about what others think and believe. Societal morals and norms are overlooked or ignored in favor of their own self-interests and needs.

Regulated people take into account societal norms, morals and rules when making decisions or taking action. They consider important virtues taught to them in life by their parents and other important people and make decisions based on moral goodness and rightness.

An important historical connection between the Golden and the 16PF

As one of the world’s renowned psychometrician, Dr. David Saunders, worked with Dr. Cattel on the first exploratory study of items developed from Allport and Odbert’s trait lists that originated the 16PF. Dr. Saunders also worked with Isabel Myers and her jungian personality test originally called the Briggs Myers Type Indicator at Educational Testing Service in 1964. Dr. Saunder’s also worked on the early development of the Golden while working with Dr. Edward Golden and Dr. John Golden at ORA, Inc.  Golden LLCs predecessor, in the late 1980s.

Two New GPP Reports to Select From

The Individual Development report reports the 5 Global and 40 Facets including the Unsettled/Resilient and Unconstrained/Regulated Facet Scales associated with the Tense Calm Global Scale. It also includes the Career and Educational Majors Suggestions content. It is designed for use in educational, career, life and spiritual coaching, and general self-development settings.Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 10.18.40 AM

The Talent Management report is designed for use in place of the original Golden assessment used over the past 20 years. It maintains the original 5 Global and 36 Facet Scale structure that you’ve become familiar with and learned about in the online certification training program.

The Talent Management  report includes the advanced Tense Calm scores , including the Unsettled/Resilient and Unconstrained/Regulated scales on the Summary Page for administrators seeking deeper insight and understanding. In the example below:compare the Advanced TC scores with the Tense Calm Global and Facet Scale scores above.Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 10.47.42 AM

The Talent Management report is designed for use in business and organization development, human resources, training and development and executive coaching settings.

Administrators can easily select which report they want, Talent Management or Self-Development report, from within their Account settings. 

Advanced Scoring

Both the Talent Management and individual Development reports utilize the advanced scoring of the rare three out-of-pattern facet scale pattern for better initial profile determination.

A 3 Out of Pattern scales on a Global Scale, estimated to occur in less than 1 out of every 25 reports, reflects an important opportunity to examine your clients report.  In past report scoring, a person’s Global Scale was identified by the highest summed score of all the associated facet scales.  Experience in interpreting these 3 Out of Pattern facet reports, more often than not, revealed the best fitting global scale and associated four letter profile, endorsed by the client was the global scale associated with the 3 out of pattern facet scales, not the global scale associated with the highest summed scores.  The result is a more accurate prediction and report description of the best fitting of the 16 personality profiles.  However, it continues to be important to review other likely fitting profiles with your client and ultimately, encourage them to determine the best fitting profile.

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